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MassCEC Catalyst/DICES Programs Application process (See Catalyst/DICES RFP):

For questions, contact companycatalyst@masscec.com

The MassCEC Spring 2024 Catalyst/DICES grant application process is designed to be streamlined and user-friendly. By midnight of March 14th, 2024, you will be need to:

  1. Complete the pre-formatted application template and upload it in PDF format in Calibri font size 11.
  2. Maximum length of 11 pages for proposal text, maximum length 5 pages for all optional attachments (16 pages in total, not including the cover page). Optional attachments might include, but are not required nor limited to the following resumes for team members, letters of support, schematics, or diagrams.
  3. Maximum file size of 10 MB.
  4. Maximum of one file submitted; proposal followed by attachments.
  5. Please delete all text in italics in the application template, prior to submission

The funds are awarded through a two stage external review process consisting of written reviews and a pitch round for selected finalaists to pitch, both of which are judged by a pool of independent industry experts. Please provide complete information that will enable them to judge the technical feasibility among other things specified in the RFP. Do not disclose any proprietary information. Applications that are not submitted by the closing deadline will not be considered in this solicitation.

The steps in the review process are as follows:

  1. Written proposals received through the online application portal are reviewed and finalists selected and notified.
  2. Finalists submit a draft pitch deck to MassCEC and MassVentures about their company and intended use of Program funds.
  3. Finalists are coached on presentation content, style, and delivery.
  4. Finalists present final pitches to and discuss their project to be judged by a pool of independent industry experts.
  5. Awardees are notified and feedback is provided to all finalist teams.
  6. Awardees execute contract with MassVentures and provide progress reports/deliverables as required by the contract.

MassCEC and MassVentures staff oversee the awards process and approve the final recommendations from the judges. MassCEC and MassVentures determinations are final and not subject to discussion. In addition, MassCEC and MassVentures reserve the right to reject an applicant if the applicant violates any criteria in the application guidelines or does not provide sufficient information in the proposal.

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